Interracial Dating Before and Present

interracial match past and present

Interracial Dating has always been looked upon with raised eyebrows. Let’s accept this, despite the increasing globalization, there are some people that don’t accept other traditions and cultures. However, it is worth mentioning that such occurrences have certainly reduced over the course of time. Thanks to the inception of Interracial Dating Sites, people can now interact with like – minded individuals seeking companion of a person belonging to another race.

Interracial dating in the pre 1967 era

In case you’re aware of the historic events that led to the scrapping of federal laws pertaining to interracial marriages, you’d also know that interracial dating was considered a criminal offence then. People that were caught were regarded as criminals under the American law. While some states prohibited white from marrying non – whites, others were against the blacks. This racism led to an intense revolution in the nation and eventually, the courts had to dismiss such laws.

Soon after the anti-miscegenation laws were deemed void by the Supreme Court, state courts also passed their amendments and made it legal for residents of the United States to marry a person from outside their race.

How did things change post 1967?

I didn’t take long for the people of America to accept the new law and start dating Blacks, Asians, and people belonging to other racial backgrounds. This drastic change was welcomed by immigrants that were either working or studying in the country. There was a significant rise in the number of interracial marriages in the United States. According to statistics, 3.4 percent of all the marriages registered in the USA were interracial.

According to the latest reports issued by the US census, around 9 percent of all the marriages involved interracial couples. It has also been reported that 6 percent of these involve black and white individuals. 

The birth of the internet and inception of Interracial Dating Sites 

Interracial Dating in the pre-internet era was certainly not easy. People that were enrolled in colleges that have a huge number of foreign students were considered fortunate. Nonetheless, things changed with the inception of interracial dating sites in 2001. was introduced to the world and since then, people seeking an interracial companion haven’t been disappointed.

These sites have made it possible for people to interact with a potential companion and develop a stronger rapport. In addition, the search options have made it feasible to find a perfect match based on your tastes and preferences. Experts believe that online interracial dating is safer as users don’t have to share their contact details nor is there any fear in meeting the person in the real world.

For those new to the idea of online dating, the website boasts of plenty of information where you can learn about the tips and tricks of effective dating.


Interracial Dating Between Black Women & White Men

Reasons behind the popularity of Interracial Dating between Black Women and White Men

 The trend of Interracial Dating that involves white men and black women has been on the rise ever since the Government of the United States scrapped the laws that made relationships between people of different races a criminal offense. As per statistics, in the last 30 years, the number of Interracial Marriages between mixed couples has gone up by as much as 6 percent, with a majority of those involving black women and white men.

The concept of White Men Dating Black Women is no longer looked at with suspicion. Moreover, youngsters look forward to dating a person belonging to a different race as it would give them the opportunity to learn more about the cultures and traditions of people of a different racial background. Also, it would allow them to view each others’ world from a different perspective.

There are plenty of reasons that make people choose interracial dating to dating a person from the same race. Here are some of the popular reasons for white men dating black women and vice versa:

  • Allows them to focus on the essential aspects: When you’re looking for a person that belongs to the same race as yours, you’re closing down your options and adding restrictions that are absolutely baseless. There are a lot of other things that you need to look for in a potential partner. Personality traits such as patience, loving and humble are more important in comparison to the person’s cultural background. Color and race are absolutely superficial. What matters is the person’s nature, and whether or not he would be able to keep you happy and contented.
  • Nurture diversity and multi-culturalism: Getting into a relationship with a person outside your race would give you an amazing opportunity of embracing diversity and multi-culturalism. You could incorporate a few things in your daily routine and live a fun-filled life that keeps you as well as your partner attached to their respective cultures and traditions. Furthermore, this would also have a positive impact on your children, who would learn a lot about two different cultures and ways of living.
  • Blending of genetics: Genetics between people of different races vary drastically and when two very diverse genes fuse, the results are simply spectacular. This is why babies born to mixed couples are really adorable. This blend of genes benefits children is innumerable ways. It is also observed that races that are prone to certain medical complication tend to develop a natural immunity as a result of this blend.



This is exactly why White Men Dating Black Women Relationships have become so popular.