Love has no Color – Interracial is Winning Successful story

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Our story is….I (the Guy) used to live with a racist family who didn’t believe in Interracial Relationships,  but i was attracted to black girls. they didn’t like it and told me to move out so i did. me and this girl ( Tatyana) had been talking for 3 months Pryor to me moving out. We just talked as friends cause she knew how my parents were. Not knowing we would ever be to get her we used to say ” i wish” when it came to talking about being together and all that good stuff. Soon after i moved .

Out we got together and have now been together for about year. Moving out was the best decision i ever made. I had a choice either stay and stop talking to black girls or leave. And I left, And I don’t regret it.

Love has no color. Racism is Stupid. And I plan on marrying her. This is both of our first Interracial Relationship and it had been the best.






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Jacqueline E Previl – Interracial Dating Sites Couple Success Story

Idk i have always been attracted to black men i will see other race men to be attractive but im just not into them but i am very attracted to black men. My husband was attracted to me because of my personality, beliefs and who i am. He always jokes about how he always said he would marry a white girl but that is not the reason for our relationship. We now have 1 boy and a great life together and couldn’t image life any other way smile emoticon.Thanks Interracial Dating Sites