Interracial Couples original Love Story


I and him, we met on the train we were waiting for the train, we were coming home each in their respective cities. -Month of August.. I had the suitcases and I had to get on the train but.. I was so awkward I needed a hand and there it was that him came to my aid.. He was so nice and kind, and, from there we talked on that train for the rest of the route / ride even if it was not easy to understand each other.

Once you get to Destination, we said goodbye! It was like in a movie✨ ..

The day before the departure there was the fateful first kiss;we were walking when suddenly it rains -it was still summer, and we sheltered near a church💖 In conclusion hat’s where it all started -three months ago ..dedicating to him the song of Beyoncé – HALO💓

Interracial Couples

•I’m Italian, he instead he is African🇨🇲🇮🇹• Interracial Couples original Love Story Shared by @sefora.russo and @suarez_moctar9

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Interracial Couples original Love Story
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