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We met almost 4 years ago at work! I trained him to do the job. It took a few weeks to start β€œtalking” to each other outside of work. After that the rest is history. We have been together 4 years in August and have been married for one month now. Our families are loving, supporting, and accepting. I have a son who he has taken in as his own and their bond is the best! Our love is our strength and together we can take on the world! The world is becoming a more accepting place but living in the south we do get β€œthe stare” sometimes. However, we just move right on about our day and let our love shine a light in the world! #lovewins #relationship #InterracialLove #interracialmarriage #interracialrelationships #interraciallove #interracialcouple Thanks @famblendz

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