We met in 2011 when he was working – Interracial Dating Couple Love Story


We met in 2011 when he was working in my home country. He asked for my phone number. 3 months later, he called me(took him 3 months to call😁), we had lunch and I guess we started dating from there. I didn’t expect it to get serious because, people said that Chinese never marry foreigners, that they would just play with you then go back to their country and marry a chinese wife. At my surprise, few months later he told me that he had told his mother that he is dating a local girl, from that time I knew he is serious. I invited him to my home, my family liked him.

A year and half later, he invited me to China to visit his parents, then that was it, we both knew we will get married. He never proposed to me 😆, but marriage topic often came up during our conversations. Somehow, we always knew we will get married.

Most Chinese men don’t propose to their
girlfriends (I can’t say for all of them, but those that I know who got married never proposed). For them, if a guy invites you to see his parents then that’s it, you are engaged😁. And here, most couples meet through family members , colleagues or friends intermediary, or even marriage agencies . I am yet to attend a wedding where the bride and groom have met on their own (Not that they don’t exist). And here, if you meet through intermediary, it’s always for the purpose of marriage. So, I guess there is no need of proposing if you both know what you want😁.

3 years later, we got married. We just had our baby girl few months ago. His family and my family never opposed our relationship, they are very happy for us.

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We met in 2011 when he was working – Interracial Dating Couple Love Story
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