Tommy Demarko – My Wife and I

success interracial match coupleThis is me and my wife Shina, well we call each other husband and wife anyway, she’s fully Haitian and I’m white, we’ve been together for a year so far and hopefully we’re together forever, I could go on and on with how very very much I love this beautiful amazing loving caring girl, but not even my own words can explain how much I love her, but I still try to find the words, she is my happiness, my everything, my motivation and she’s the reason I’m going back to school to make something of my life and she’s the reason I look forward to the next day, I told her today, that to the world she may be one person, but to one person she is the world and I’m the one person she means the world too, she has been there for me through the hardest of times and the goodest of times, whenever we would argue, we always got through whatever arguments we were having, we’ve gotten through countless obstacles. We planning on getting married and having a kids in the future.


Tommy Demarko & Shina



Tommy Demarko – My Wife and I

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