Why are Successful White Men Going for Black Girls?


Why are Successful White Men Going for Black Girls?

There appear to be two sides to the question of why white men are dating black girl. The first perspective is that white men are feeling emasculated by white women since they have begun to succeed in the workforce and demand equality with men in both the workplace and at home.

The men feel that there is now white alpha females who are forcing men into the beta role. These men believe that men and women are fundamentally different. That traditional roles are the correct roles. They say that men are natural alphas and women are natural betas. They believe that women are meant to nurture, take care of the home and care for the family have been forced by the feminists to take over the role of alpha.They think that black women have not bought into the myth of the alpha female. Black women come from a more challenging place which has made them stronger, physically & mentally than their white counterparts. However, they have also developed a deeper appreciation of compassion and loyalty.

Black women prize being a good wife and mother over a career

A black woman truly cares about her husband’s welfare, whereas a while woman is only interested in herself. Therefore, white men and black women are meant to be the perfect partners. The other perspective is that, generally speaking men are attracted to beautiful women. Some men only find women of their own race beautiful. However, there are a lot of white men who are extremely attracted to a black woman, and are fans of interracial dating and interracial marriage. In many cases, they approach black women the same way they approach white women. They look at her, think she’s cute, beautiful, whatever attracts them to women. They ask her out. If it works out great. If not, they’re back to the dating pool.

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