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5stars Chance of Getting a Date
5stars Quality / Size of Members’ Photos
5stars Features for Gold Members
3stars Privacy Protection
5stars Value for money
5stars Overall Ratings

index bagged the third position of all the dating websites we have reviewed so far. This websites offers a slightly mature and professional ecosystem for those in search of partners. Users can obtain a lifetime membership for absolutely nothing. However, an upgrade would be required if you wish to use all the features on the site.


  • Standard lifetime membership is free
  • Premium subscription fee:
    – $19.95 for 1 month.
    – $39.50 for 3 months.
    – $69.96 for 6 months.
  • Users can pay the subscription fee using either a credit card or PayPal.


  • Users get a personal inbox that encompasses all the interactions between members.
  • Users can read articles pertaining to interracial issues and dating. In addition there are pre-recorded audio recordings of professionals that discuss about the same.
  • There are heaps of success stories that users can gain inspiration from.
  • Standard users get free access to chat rooms.
  • The website encourages users to write a brief description prior to entering the chat room thereby helping them know each other.
  • The site boasts of a comprehensive FAQ section to help users get the most out of the website. 

Premium membership adds the following features in addition to the above mentioned ones.

  • Gives the ability to send personal messages to other members and hold a live chat.
  • It also sports a “who looked at me” feature that allows you to find out who has viewed your profile.
  • The anonymous calling feature on the website allows members to communicate with others without having to reveal their details.
  • Premium members are given the privilege of creating their own chat room.
  • Allows users to have a one-on-one live chat with someone whom they are interested in.
  • Create a customized friend list so that you don’t have to search for people you like.
  • A premium member’s profile is always prioritized.

Verdict does away with the conventional dating environment. On registration, you are offered a wide array of search options. This makes the entire dating experience more intuitive as users can obtain different marches for a different search criterion. This website collects more details so that matching is highly appropriate.

Another striking feature of is its membership upgrade fee. For an average fee of $11.66, users get access to many features that undoubtedly expand the scope of getting a date. This website supports private webcam chats too. This allows users to connect with a person whom they are interested in thereby giving them an opportunity to understand the other individual better.

Another unique feature of this website is the “popular member search”. Users who seek a lot of attention have a better chance of landing up in this posh group. Unlike some dating websites that have a narrow reach, is spread across the planet. This means that irrespective of your location, you will find someone staying nearby.

Although the usability of this website cannot be questioned in any regard, it is still not the most beautiful website out there. Nevertheless, it does what it is made for – promoting dating and helping you get companions. The major reason that makes it stand at the third position is the lack of membership packages. This website offers a single membership upgrade option. Besides, it lacks a few features that are present in other websites such as access to adult websites, information on real life events in your city, etc.

In the end, it’s you who will have to make a choice. If you are looking for a website with an exhaustive list of features, this wouldn’t cater to your requirements. On the other hand, if chats rooms and live webcam interactions is your thing, then this website shall not disappoint you.



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