Honeybunch and Sunflower – An Interracial South African Love Story

interracial dating couple

Honeybunch and Sunflower – An Interracial South African Love Story

It’s been one year and four months since Sewela and I met. It all began (oddly enough) with a Facebook text from me to her. We didn’t really know each other, only had mutual friends, but the moment I laid eyes on her profile picture, I felt compelled to talk to her. I mean, the day before, we were both praying to meet the person we would marry one day, so the feeling I felt when I sent her the text wasn’t just a feeling at all, but God nudging us closer together.

Soon enough texts became calls, and calls became a first date; and the first date went so well that it turned into many more dates, into a relationship. For most of 2017 though, I was traveling for career purposes, and we barely saw each other which was strenuous on our relationship. But being able to see each other once most months, along with daily texts and calls kept us strong. The one thing that really kept us going was the belief in the fact that we would undoubtedly get married one day.

Interracial love story Interracial dating couple

In February, 2018, I finally got a place in Pretoria and this enabled us to see each other almost every weekend. Our relationship blossomed in a way we never thought it would. Each day we saw each other, we grew a million times closer. From go-karting and dinner dates, to staying in and watching series; each minute with her was perfect. We talk of marriage now more than ever, exploring how a wedding would work with our two different cultures, excited to see the cultural fusion yet to take place.

Our Unfolding Love Story

As a couple, Sewela and I can’t wait to have an impact on how society views races and interracial relationships, and relationships in general. We’re currently writing a book about our unfolding love story, as well as a Youtube channel we plan on launching later this year. As Sunnybunch, we can’t wait to change the world. Watch this space!


Vincent and Sewela

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Honeybunch and Sunflower – An Interracial South African Love Story
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