we are together and never letting go by A & J


We met in November of 2015 at a show. We were both there to support some local artists who were performing. Neither of us were looking for love at the time but after getting to know one another, the feelings that grew took us upon surprise. We officially started dating July 25, 2016 and almost three years later he proposed August 11, 2019.

We have been through a lot and overcame numerous obstacles. He gave up his dreams of becoming an artist, she gave up her family because they did not support the relationship. A decision had to be made. It was the relationship or them.

Interracial Couple

Our relationship is not easy. It takes work. We have small miscommunications and other times we completely drop the ball. But with the love we have, and the passion we experience, we are always able to get back on track. It takes us being committed. A commitment that surely tests our integrity, loyalty, faith, passion and character. Letting go of our egos and sometimes putting our own personal needs aside for one another.

Through it all, when you find that one person who loves your soul, who sees past your flaws and insecurities, who is rooting for you to win, who wants to grow old and mature with you, you have to make sure to hold onto that tight. That’s why we are together and never letting go.


Interracial couple story shared by Alyssa and Jamyn @Alyssa.jamyn


we are together and never letting go by A & J
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