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Interracial Match !!! 50 pounds between the both of us. That’s how much weight my husband and I have dropped in the last four months  we really eased into our wellness journey because we have heard of so many diets and didn’t want to lose weight only to gain it back when we were tired of dieting. . .

So my husband started taking plant-based supplements which helped him cut out soda and reduce his fast food intake. I also took supplements to help me transition to vegan and a lot of times Justin will enjoy meals with me. We did a minimal amount of work and relied on consistency to get where we are now. . .

We’re now incorporating more exercise into our regiment and I’m excited to see how my body does in a plant based diet!! We’ve both experienced a whole transformation of the mind and soul along with our bodies. When we take care of this outer shell we’ve been gifted, holistic growth follows.

If WE can do this whole wellness thing, ANYONE can do it! . . If you would like to join us on our journey, I’d be happy to share with you the specifics. Just shoot me a DM  . . . .

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Story by Shaina Davis

Shaina Davis | Interracial Match Couple | Interracial Dating Couple
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