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He said it Doesn’t Matter, Where I Come from We Believe you only get one True Love

I would love to share our story. As I said we met on August 3rd 1996 at the beach. We live in sunny San Diego, CA and I was reluctant to go anywhere that day, you see at the time I worked six days a week at two jobs and I volunteered at my church as a Sunday school teacher on Sundays and went to church on Sunday nights. I didn’t have to go in that Saturday so I thought I would get some needed sleep, however, my sister convinced me to tag along with her and go to the beach. I had a thing for surfers at the time, so that was why I agreed to go, however, there weren’t any cute surfers that day and I was kind of bummed until I saw him.

He was the hottest guy I had seen all summer, rippling muscles which showed easily with his black wife beater and he had on long shorts right past his knees. After his chest the next thing I noticed was how large his calves were, they reminded me of the statue of David. He was so well proportioned I could hardly take my eyes off of him. He casually strolled right past me and headed directly to the water, where he just stared out at the sea. I decided that I would get his attention by playing in the water, at the time I was quite waify and I use to wear a small bathing suit and size 1 jeans, so I strolled over to the water to catch his eye though he was standing not too far from me I could tell his thoughts were miles away.

So I decided to give it up and I went back to take a seat next to my sister who was laughing hysterically. Of course she let me know he didn’t even see me. I would have just let it go, however, I am very competitive that was how I got my job as the assistant to the New Director at a local television station, where I pretty much ran the news room. My interview was, I need you to see the trees so I can see the forest. If that gives you any idea, plus I was on call 24/7.

My sister noticed that two blonde girls had made their way over to where he was sitting and she told me if you don’t muster the courage to go speak to him they will and I was not having that so I got up and went to say hi. It was really odd because I detected a familiar accent, which before that summer, I would not have recognized so I asked him where he was from because I detected an accent. At this point the two blondes took off and I took a seat. To wrap it up, I gave him my number, which I thought was a waste of time, because I didn’t get the feeling he was that into me.

Mr. and Mrs. Pall

Later that day I got invited to go sailing on Sunday around the bay on a yacht and speed boat with some guys I met later that same day. I had never been on a yacht so I agreed as long as I could bring my sister. After I got home, there were three messages on my answering machine. He didn’t play games and wait. He was just honest and so pure. And after I returned his phone call, we were inseparable and 20 years later, we have been married for 16 years, dated for 4 and we have three beautiful children. I am his first and only wife. Also he tattooed my name across his heart after we had been dating about three months. I told him he was crazy and asked what he would do if we broke up.

He said it doesn’t matter, where I come from we believe you only get one true love and YOU are mine!


Mrs. Tomica Pall

Cute Interracial couple #Love #WWBM #BMWW Find your #InterracialMatch Here

Interracial Dating Successful Couple

My love and I – We’ve Been Together for 8 Months Now!!!

My name is Imani and his name his Mikey,

We met when i moved to SC and he was actually the first person i saw when i step out the car .at the time he was a server a local restaurant and i remember walking past him a couple off times while he was working i was trying to get acquainted with the area and he stopped me and asked me if i were looking for a job because the restaurant was hiring i fill out an application i thought he was so cute and sweet after that i started seeing him around and we just clicked like we were made for each other ……..

My Love and I, we’ve been together for 8 months now and just moved into and apartment together and life is great.



5 Fascinating Interracial Marriages in History

People’s perception about interracial marriages has drastically changed in less than half a century. Interracial marriages were made legal in the United States of America just 43 years ago and since then it has gained recognition in various parts of the world. Interracial marriages have become fairly popular nowadays but the scenario was quite different earlier. Here is a list of individuals who didn’t let the preconceptions of society hinder their decisions.


  1. Pearl Bailey and Louie Bellson in 1952: Bellson was a part of Duke Ellington’s band and was introduced to Bailey by a trombone player. After a courtship period of just 4 days, they got married in London. It was Bellson’s first marriage and Bailey’s third. Interracial relationships were nothing close to acceptable during those times and even Bellson’s inclusion in the music group surprised many.



  1. Sammy Davis Jr. and May Britt in 1960: Interracial marriages were forbidden in 31 out of 50 states in 1960. During the event where John F. Kennedy was appointed as the Presidential nominee earlier that year, Davis was booed at by the white southern delegates because he had engaged a white woman. However, he did not pay heed to such remarks and went on to marry Britt.



  1. George Schuyler and Josephine Cogdell in 1928: George was an author, satirist and a journalist. On the other hand, Josephine was an actress and belonged to a wealthy family. Josephine was fascinated by radical policies and new ideas and started to interrelate with George, who was a very controversial journalist in those days. When they both met in New York, they fell in love instantly. The couple believed that their marriage would mark an end to several social problems in the United States.



  1. Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter in 1958: This marriage overturned the state laws in the United States of America that forbid interracial marriages. They first met when Richard was 17 and Mildred was 11. In due course of time, their friendship blossomed into romance. In 1958, Mildred became pregnant and this was when the couple decided to marry in Washington DC. Later, they were arrested for violating the state laws of Virginia. After a series of setbacks, the Supreme Court eventually ruled in favor of the couple.



  1. Sir Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams in 1948: After the death of Khama’s father in 1925, his uncle sent him to London so that he could continue with his education. It was then that he met Ruth Williams. They shared a common interest for jazz. Soon, they began romancing and in 1948 decided to marry. This move was condemned in South Africa due to the existing apartheid laws. In 1966, he was appointed as the Knight Commander in the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth.



These success stories are actually the ones that inspired millions of people all over the world to sow the seeds of an Interracial Relationship.