Our Relationship is Amazing – Interracial Dating Couple

I met him 3 years ago 7 we were best friends before we started dating. I couldn’t imagine my life with out him. He has a special spot in my heart that no one will ever replace. It has been almost 2 years together and I can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for us. I love you @De’Andre.

Our Relationships is amazing…. My parents love him and his parents love me!! We both agree on building a good foundation of finishing college and getting great jobs so we can support each other before marriage. God is leading us both in the right direction!

I love you with everything in me .. i couldn’t have asked for a better man in my life. I love you!!❤️👑👑


Sarah  & De’ Andre

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Interracial dating sites couples love

Sean Galvin and Tiffany Galvin – Interracial Dating Couple Story

This is me and the best thing that ever came into my life… Senior prom…. We ended up the day of prom linking up as I wasn’t going to go and her date had something come up….. We were good friends through highschool lost touch for over 8 years and thankfully for Facebook I saw she was coming in to visit for the holidays. I wasn’t letting the opportunity for her to slip away again happen….. Needless to say we started dating long distance for a while and did what we had to seeing each other every chance we had. Plenty of nights talking until one just fell asleep we would mail each other letters and pictures, this woman has been there with me through it all and has never let me settle always pushing for greatness. There are times where I know I test her patience but there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her the love for her could never be measured as there is no number high enough . I love you baby Tiffany Galvin


Sean Galvi & Tiffany Galvin

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  • Interracial dating sites couples love

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We met Online October 2015 by Anthony – Interracial Couple Meet

Sintelle and I, Anthony, have been together for about 8 months now and it has been going great! We met online October 2015 and made it official December 2015.

She messaged me first after reviewing my profile, despite the long distance (she reside in Illinois and I in Louisiana) and we hit it off almost instantly. I was a bit hesitant at first but something about her message intrigued me. After a while of texting and messaging, we found that we have most of the same values and ideals, although, we have had to overcome and compromise on a few things here and there (but that’s to be expected, right?).

We first met when she decided to come visit for Mardi Gras with her family. I was a bit nervous at first, but after only a few minutes of seeing her, all that went away and the time I had with her was amazing. She says she “was terribly nervous and stressed. I was excited but was worried if seeing me in person would change something for you.” Something did change though, my feelings for her were stronger than anything and I knew she was meant for me.

Sintelle: The long-distance has not been the easiest, but he’s reminded me many a time that distance isn’t everything and that he’s here for me no matter what. He is the love of my life and he makes me VEEEERY happy. I cant wait for us to be in each others lives full time!! 😀

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    He is the love of my life and he makes me VEEEERY happy.

We both have just been the happiest together and when we are apart, we make us work no matter what. Our love is strong and are thankful to be in each other’s lives” . We do get stares wherever we go, either it be in my hometown of New Orleans or even in hers of Chicago. But we just laugh about it and don’t pay any mind to it. We love each other very much and wouldn’t change anything.

 Anthony & Sintelle

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  • Interracial Dating Sites couple Love
    He is Nigerian and I am Hungarian and we met at my country but we live in England. Ever Since it has been love at first sight. He is my soul and planning to have kids soon