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He Proposed .First he started talking about children and when we were just talking i told him i did not really believe not want children.He has changed all that.

My parents do support, I come from a very strict and strong tribal background in Kenya where i should court with another Kikuyu tribe man, but my mum is all supportive of me and him . Heeeee on the other hangurian and danish his sister was not too supportive when we first started but now she is cooled down. He is heaven send it it great.

We are getting married soon.


Elizabeth and Michael


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I Love You My Little Queen – Interracial Dating Relationships

First Saw her Sophmore year in high school bit was nervous to talk to her and then junior year we had class together and that when i first spoke to  her and we became friends and now since we graduates we got together and she is the greatest thing to happen to me.

Yeah my parents are happy 100% and happy for me and so is her mom.. Lol.. We get looked at in public and stared at sometimes but it only makes us smile harder. She noticed me herself in class before i even told her how i felt from seeing her on campus. Ans since than we had a great friendship. All the way through high school. We graduated together and we began to really talk and hangout more. it became a thing and hot serious and now we are together and enjoying life.

Me and my Vanilla Wafer

This girl right here is the funniest girl i know, i never had someone more special to me then her. She is so beautiful and i feel so lucky to have her.Love you my chocolate momma

Tomorrow is our second month anniversary. 


Jesse Nadzieja & kierrraaa





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Red bearded darkness – Interracial Dating Couple

I have no cool story to tell, I am attracted to the pasty white red heads 🙂 my fiancé is perfect, we mesh so well together. My dark skin fits so perfectly with is lite vanilla skin. Besides all that he has never once given up on us. He is a fighter and knows what we have is a great thing, and can lead to a loving life with our 5 kids.



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Give loyalty. Give love. Give everyday-Featured Interracial Couple

Give loyalty. Give love. Give everyday all ya got!

Keep smiling & enjoying life!


Jessica Hawk

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We met at a college party in Newark!

Beautiful Interracial Dating Couple

We met at a college party in Newark, Delaware when we were both students at @udelaware 💕 He came over and danced with me. I thought he was charming and fun. Before I left he came rushing over to get my number…on a scrap of paper with a pencil. We shared a kiss that was electric…the world seemed to stop. We’ve been inseparable ever since. #12yearstogether #myhubby #lovehim #couples #lovingsday #lovingday #howwemet #thewaywemet #marriage #married #husband #wife #love

Cute Interracial couple #Love #WWBM #BMWW Find your #InterracialMatch Here