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5 Reasons Why Interracial Dating is Awesome


I didn’t realize that I was in an Interracial Relationship until someone told me. And that someone was my girlfriend. We were dating for a couple of weeks, and our native languages were different. We were born in different countries and we have been exposed to different cultures. But I didn’t really think our races seemed to be worthy of mention until the entire world together with my girlfriend decided to get interested in how our (non-existent) children would look like. And now that I think about it, despite its flaws, interracial dating is pretty awesome.

1. Beautiful Kids

All kids are beautiful, but somehow there is an added expectation that mixed kids are more beautiful. This may be completely untrue but it’s nice to know that if you ever decide to have kids, they will be created from a larger and more diverse genetic pool. It is also scientifically proven that the further you are racially, the lower chances of genetic complications.

2. Learn a New Language

OK maybe not fully learn but at least pick up a few romantic phrases and some swear words from each other. My girlfriend is better at picking up my mother tongue than I am, and sometime when I speak to my grandparents she knows what’s going on. And it’s incredibly cute when she tries to use some of the words on me although her pronunciation sucks. I only know about 2 phrases and 5 words, and 3 of them are inappropriate for public use.

3. Food

If there is a huge perk of dating someone outside your race, it is the food you get to enjoy. You don’t only get to eat amazing native dishes; you also get a personal commentary of each dish’s history and its role in your partner’s culture. And if both your parents are aware of your relationship, it makes it even easier for you guys to go over to each other’s houses and enjoy an array of Amazing food, lovingly cooked by the mothers. And if you are lucky, even the specialties of the grandmothers.

4. Challenge Stereotypes

While stereotypes may be true, they are nasty little blinding forces that hinder you from getting to know people more authentically.  When you love someone different from yourself, you expose yourself to diversity and realize that it’s OK for people to be different. You don’t foolishly say things like “He’s a (insert race), that’s why he’s like that.”

5. Grow Stronger

Every relationship has its problems but somehow an interracial relationship seem to have more because of the possibilities of disapproving family, friends or society. When both parties are mentally and emotionally strong to endure these problems, they find themselves growing closer and stronger as a couple with each passing day. After all, what’s life without a few bumps right? How can we appreciate something if it’s super easily attained or maintained?

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We met Online October 2015 by Anthony – Interracial Couple Meet

Sintelle and I, Anthony, have been together for about 8 months now and it has been going great! We met online October 2015 and made it official December 2015.

She messaged me first after reviewing my profile, despite the long distance (she reside in Illinois and I in Louisiana) and we hit it off almost instantly. I was a bit hesitant at first but something about her message intrigued me. After a while of texting and messaging, we found that we have most of the same values and ideals, although, we have had to overcome and compromise on a few things here and there (but that’s to be expected, right?).

We first met when she decided to come visit for Mardi Gras with her family. I was a bit nervous at first, but after only a few minutes of seeing her, all that went away and the time I had with her was amazing. She says she “was terribly nervous and stressed. I was excited but was worried if seeing me in person would change something for you.” Something did change though, my feelings for her were stronger than anything and I knew she was meant for me.

Sintelle: The long-distance has not been the easiest, but he’s reminded me many a time that distance isn’t everything and that he’s here for me no matter what. He is the love of my life and he makes me VEEEERY happy. I cant wait for us to be in each others lives full time!! 😀

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    He is the love of my life and he makes me VEEEERY happy.

We both have just been the happiest together and when we are apart, we make us work no matter what. Our love is strong and are thankful to be in each other’s lives” . We do get stares wherever we go, either it be in my hometown of New Orleans or even in hers of Chicago. But we just laugh about it and don’t pay any mind to it. We love each other very much and wouldn’t change anything.

 Anthony & Sintelle

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    He is Nigerian and I am Hungarian and we met at my country but we live in England. Ever Since it has been love at first sight. He is my soul and planning to have kids soon